Dr. Sribhavani Receives Prestigious 2024 Global Changemakers Award for Revolutionary Contributions to Education

Recognized for Excellence in Education and International Impact

June 19, 2024 — In a prestigious ceremony held last night, Dr. Sribhavani was awarded the 2024 Global Changemakers Award, receiving accolades in both the Education and International Icon categories. This esteemed recognition celebrates her groundbreaking contributions and unwavering dedication to education on a global scale.


Dr. Sribhavani’s innovative approaches and tireless efforts have transformed the educational landscape, earning her admiration and respect worldwide. Her work has not only improved educational outcomes for countless students but has also set new standards in international educational practices.

The Global Changemakers Award is renowned for highlighting individuals who drive significant positive change across various sectors. Dr. Sribhavani’s dual recognition underscores her multifaceted impact and her role as a beacon of inspiration in the global community.

In her acceptance speech, Dr. Sribhavani expressed her gratitude and shared her vision for the future of education. “This award is not just a personal honor but a testament to the power of collective effort in creating educational opportunities for all. I am committed to continuing this journey towards a more inclusive and accessible education system worldwide,” she stated.

Her colleagues and peers have lauded her achievement, noting her exceptional leadership and vision. “Dr. Sribhavani’s dedication to education is unparalleled. She embodies the spirit of a true changemaker, continually pushing the boundaries to ensure quality education for every child,” commented a fellow educator.

As Dr. Sribhavani celebrates this milestone, the global education community looks forward to her continued contributions and the lasting impact of her work. The 2024 Global Changemakers Award serves as a reminder of the profound difference one individual can make in the world.