A Syrian Refugee Receives an MBA Scholarship from UN Women Australia

Everywhere she goes, from Paris to Damascus, Erbil, and now Sydney, this global citizen wants to break new ground for women in leadership.
As the most recent recipient of the UN Women Australia MBA Scholarship at the University of Sydney Business School, Chantal Mousad will campaign for diversity, equity, and inclusion because of her extraordinary trip to Australia.

Since her family relocated to Syria when she was ten years old, Ms. Mousad has demonstrated her unwavering will to persevere in the face of hardship. She continued to do well academically despite learning a new language and culture, but instead of pursuing her family’s dream of studying medicine or law, she chose to major in economics.

She was driven by the tragedy to flee Syria, and soon after her daughter was born, she moved to Iraq to pursue her prosperous banking job. She rose to become the sole female member of the 13-person executive team at Region Trade Bank, where she held the title of Chief Risk Officer.

She got divorced from her spouse while she was in Iraq, and as a result, she was shunned by her society.

“I applied to come to Australia because I was determined to give my daughter a better future without limits on her imagination and to have freedom for me as a single mother,” Ms. Mousad stated.

I only brought a couple bags with me. However, my intention was to travel to  and build a great life.

She was able to secure employment at the Commonwealth Bank with the aid of the nonprofit CareerSeekers, and she currently holds a senior risk management role at Westpac.

As an ambassador for Happy Brain Education and a board member of CareerSeekers, Ms. Mousad further contributes to the community.

She claimed that having the chance to complete her MBA in Sydney will support her long-term objective of changing the landscape for inclusion, equity, and diversity.

I was awarded this scholarship not because I was the most intelligent or well-educated person, but rather because of my goals and my narrative. Just talking about gender equality is insufficient. You must speak up in support of women, refugees, Native Americans, and everyone else who lacks equal rights.