UN Rapporteur: Israel is purposefully and knowingly causing hunger in Gaza

Rabat – Tlaleng Mofokeng, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health, claimed that Israel and its supporters are purposefully causing hunger and humanitarian crises in Gaza, a war-torn territory.

Mofokeng denounced Israel for what she called “knowingly and intentionally imposing famine” on Gaza in a recent statement to Turkey’s Anadolu Agency.

According to Mofokeng, Israel and its allies are deliberately imposing starvation, protracted malnutrition, and dehydration on Palestinian residents, in addition to murdering and seriously harming them with their bombardments.

She brought attention to the dreadful circumstances in Gaza, where it is difficult to obtain precise data on the number of individuals in need of medical aid due to the destruction of civilian infrastructure, and the medical evacuation rate remains at a pitiful 47%.

In order to safeguard Gazans’ rights to health care, Mofokeng underlined the absence of a “systemic, structured, focused, and deliberate intent.”

She went on to say that Gaza shouldn’t need medical evacuations in order to be supported.

I mean, the point is that Gaza shouldn’t be sending out relief workers, right? The UN Rapporteur continued, “These facilities and the health services should be able to adequately respond to their needs, where they live and where they reside.”

She called the current situation in Gaza a “genocide,” accusing Israel and its partners of intentionally inflicting starvation and causing irreversible harm to Palestinian residents through bombardment.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza, especially in the northern areas, has gotten worse because there is still not enough aid to meet the needs of the people living there.

Many areas are suffering from malnutrition, with people only able to afford one meal a day.

After Israeli bombings on an aid convoy that resulted in the deaths of seven humanitarian workers, numerous charity agencies and personnel have indicated a reluctance to continue operating in Gaza.