Changing Education: The Requirement to Broaden the Global Legal System, Side Event

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Since the UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education (1960) and other UN treaties that protect the right to education were adopted, education has undergone significant transformation.

The Covid-19 pandemic, increased human mobility, and the worrying effects of climate change are all contributing to the rise of distance learning and the usage of edtech, which is quickly changing the face of education. Furthermore, SDG4 provided a fresh boost to lifelong learning, which the Futures of Education Report acknowledges occurs in various contexts and at various times. Yet, there are still significant obstacles to overcome, such as stark disparities in educational attainment at all levels. This side meeting was organized to highlight areas that urgently need to be addressed in order to build the foundation for the transformation of education, while UNESCO reflects on the evolving dimensions of the right to education. The main focus of the meeting will be on the need to expand the international legal framework to address the current and emerging challenges in education. Its specific goal was to encourage this conversation within the framework of education reform.