‘Global reaction against women’s rights,’ says the UN chief

“The most egregious example” of how women are treated in Afghanistan, he said, with girls being shut out of “much of the education system.” He also called attention to sexual assaults committed against women in Israel, the Sudan, and against Palestinian prisoners.

In remarks on International Women’s Day, he stated, “A global backlash against women’s rights is threatening, and in some cases reversing, progress in developing and developed countries alike.”

“Women and girls are disproportionately affected by the global issues we face, which range from war, terror, and climatic disasters to poverty and hunger.

“I urge governments to prioritize equality for women and girls.”

He cautioned that full gender equality and the abolition of child marriage would take more than 300 years to achieve at the current rate of advancement.

And more than 340 million women and girls—roughly 18 million more than men and boys—will continue to live in extreme poverty by 2030. That is demeaning to girls and women,” he declared.

UN Women issued a warning on Thursday, stating that 10% of women worldwide are living in extreme poverty.

“The number of women and girls living in conflict-affected areas doubled since 2017, now, more than 614 million women and girls live in conflict-affected areas,” according to the organization.