Chinese officials support UN initiatives aimed at empowering women and youth.

March 16, United Nations (Xinhua) — A Chinese official has stated that she supports the UN’s initiatives to empower women and young people.

At the UN Security Council open debate on “Promoting Conflict Prevention — Empowering All Actors Including Women and Youth,” Huang Xiaowei, minister and deputy head of the National Working Committee on Children and Women of the State Council, stated recently that “against the turbulent international situation, it is necessary to further support the empowerment of women and youth, help them better respond to the changing world, and tap their wisdom and potential in furthering peace and development.”

Huang emphasized that a strong basis for stability, growth, and enduring peace will be laid by assisting women and youth in gaining economic empowerment and capacity-building, as well as by providing for their access to school and work opportunities.

Huang stated that China is dedicated to ensuring that women may share in the advantages of economic and social growth by enacting laws, regulations, and other measures. China has always been a strong supporter of and an active practitioner for the empowerment and development of women and youth.

Over 44 million Chinese rural women have been pulled out of utter poverty by us. At the moment, women make up more than 40% of the labor force in China, over 45.8% of tech workers, and roughly 1/3 of those running innovative business ventures like live streaming, e-commerce, and digital trade,” the speaker stated.

According to Huang, China places a high value on youth development and has passed and implemented national plans aimed at fostering their overall growth, including more than 240 laws that support youth employment and education.

“More than 187 localities in the US have decided to look at urban development aimed toward young people. The minister noted that an increasing number of young people are taking the lead in international collaboration, rural revitalization, and scientific and technological innovation.

Huang is leading a Chinese team to the UN headquarters in New York for the 68th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, which ends on March 22.