US and Morocco Unveil Historic First AI UN Resolution

Rabat – The United States and Morocco have published a draft resolution on artificial intelligence (AI) that highlights the technology’s potential for global good, marking a first for the UN.

The initiative, named “Seizing the Opportunities Offered by Safe, Secure, and Reliable Artificial Intelligence Systems for Sustainable Development,” was introduced by the UN ambassadors of both nations during a news conference held at the UN headquarters in New York.

Global agreement on the necessity of responsible AI development is reflected in the resolution. In order to address pressing concerns including poverty, healthcare, food security, climate change, and education, it exhorts UN member states to give top priority to the development of safe and dependable AI systems.

Speaking on behalf of the participating nations, US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield underlined the enormous potential of AI to transform economies and communities.

She did, however, emphasize the significance of guaranteeing fair access to these advantages and promoting prosperity throughout all countries.

A vision for human-centered AI that puts ethics, inclusion, privacy protection, and alignment with human rights and sustainable development goals first is presented in the resolution.

Morocco’s permanent envoy to the UN, Ambassador Omar Hilale, praised the US for starting the resolution and mentioned Morocco’s early efforts to ensure its passage. In order to make sure that this quickly advancing technology serves the interests of everybody, he emphasized the significance of communication amongst UN members.

According to him, Morocco advocated for the resolution to address the risk that artificial intelligence may widen the already-present economic, social, and digital gaps between developed and developing nations.

A united declaration from fifty-four states—including Morocco—highlights how the resolution might benefit all UN members by expanding the benefits of AI and promoting sustainable development.

The declaration restates fundamental ideas for the responsible development of AI and calls for increased cooperation with many stakeholders from the business, academic, and civil society sectors.

Hilale emphasized the enormous potential of AI for African countries, especially in the areas of economic growth, healthcare, agriculture, education, and environmental initiatives.

In closing, he reiterated Morocco’s unwavering support for global collaboration on AI research, provided that it serves the interests of all people.